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Making Your Home Fit You

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Make Living in Your Home Easier

Your house should accommodate you and your needs. Perhaps you are considering remodeling because your aging parents are coming to live with you. Maybe you need more space because the family is growing or maybe your “dream home” is not quite ready for your retirement years. Whatever the need we offer many cost-effective solutions to “make living in your home easier.”

Services to make your home fit you

Wider door openings make it easier for someone to carry a basket of laundry from room-to- room as well as make it easier for someone in a wheelchair to make a passage.

Multi-height countertops in the kitchen make it easier for children to help make dinner as well as allowing someone who may not be able to stand for a long period of time to sit.

Stepping over a bathtub wall can be tricky for someone with a bad back. Many accidents involve someone slipping in the tub. Properly installed, eye-pleasing grab bars reduce the risk. For an even safer measure, replace the bathtub with a low lip or lipless walk-in shower stall.

Years of Experience

We are a private locally-owned company with more than 40 years experience in home remodeling. Our goal is to make your home, your home.

Call us for a free consultation. Our experienced staff will prepare a written bid and summation of work and materials to be used. We only use high-grade consumer approved materials. And best of all, we guarantee all of our products and workmanship for five years.

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